Kongsberg XP Auto
Esko Kongsberg XP635 
Maximum speed 100 m/min. - 65 IPS
Maximum acceleration 15 m/s² - 1.5 G
Vacuum pump (included) 7.5 kW
No. of vacuum sections 8
Maximum material thickness 50 mm - 2”
Standard stack capacity 0.6 m - 23½”
Operator workstation Revolving workstation attached to the XP frame with operator panel and space for tooling, controller PC, screen and keyboard.
Print registration system (optional) The Automatic Registration System (ARS) can read printed register marks. It is split into two different items: For print marks facing up; camera integrated with the tooling. For print marks facing down; camera sits on a separate servo axis below tabletop level and can read marks as the material passes from the in-stack to the cutting station.

The Kongsberg XP Auto is an automated, dieless finishing machine, perfect for short run production of packaging and displays. The Kongsberg can cut directly from CAD designs for a more precise cut. Substrates include a wide array of soft and rigid materials such as: Dibond, Acrylic, Corrugated Boards, MDF and Foamed PVC.


The XP tooling is mounted on two different Z-axes: one optimized for power, it can push a large-size crease wheel down with an equivalent force of 50 kg; the other optimized for speed, it moves the knife tooling up and down with blazing efficiency.

The cutting station consists of a vacuum bed with up to 8 zones which ensures hold-down on different material sizes. 


Some cut examples:

Cutting Forex Milling on Dibond V-notch on Sandwich Board Point of Sale (POS)


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