Thin and durable smooth plastic sheet.

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Thin and durable smooth plastic sheet.

Styrene is so widely used today as a plastic (polystyrene) sheet, which has excellent forming properties and cuts extremely well like die-cut.  It's cost-effective, solid and high impact but flexible quality enables uses such as signs, model templates, mall kiosk displays, theatre posters, backlit transparencies, to portable panels for trade show booth that are all highly valued by consumers. It is also UV and rust resistant.
Max Size 48"x96"
Double Sided Printing Yes
Colour White, Translucent

white (0.020), white (0.040), white (0.060), translucent (0.0175)

Shape Contour Cut Yes
Lamination Options Gloss, Matte, Dry Erasable, Floor Guard (laminations do not apply to styrene translucent) 
Display Options Double-sided Tape, Magnetic Strip, Velcro Tab


These mounts are available for displaying products.

Double Sided Tape

Strong adhesive tape for small to medium sized pieces.


Available in strips or circles.

Magnet Strip

For small to medium pieces on metal displays.


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