Its not just putting ink on material.

Digital imaging on pretty much any substrate is the foundation of our company. The latest in print technology on any rigid substrate or roll material can create stunning display products. Our in-line priming capability provides exceptional results on materials that traditionally have reduced ink adhesion such as Acrylic, PVC, glass and metal. Our printing processes are eco-friendly minimizing our footprint on the environment as expected from an industry leader.

Large Format Digital Printing

All of the large format presses at Anvy are very much like your home printers – just a whole lot larger. The ability to print on any substrate whether a rigid sheet or flexible material on a roll the only limitation is usually the imagination. 10 feet wide by any length and up to 1.75” thick can be printed with high quality graphics for virtually any application. Smaller prints that are still larger than traditional printing can be done numerous up simultaneously this includes multiple rolls at the concurrently to utilize the full efficiency of each press’s capacity. Calibration between presses allows for


•  Quick set-up.

•  High speed production.

•  Easy change overs from rigid sheet to roll stock.

•  Multiple files printing at the same time – allows for variable data and unlimited images.

•  Hi resolution image quality.

•  Primer option for materials that normally have problems with ink adhesion.

Common Uses

Menu Panels, retail point of sale displays, architectural promotional signage, banners, wayfinding, and outdoor events.

Marks banner Display

Small Format Digital Printing

It is classified as small format printing however sizes of up to 23” by 13” can be achieved on paper, card stock and synthetic stocks up to 24 point in thickness. This provides for a massive array of potential products to be produced whether they are individual orders or part of an overall display package. Photo quality printing at high speed production rates are complimented with extensive finishing capabilities to bring any big ideas in the small format world to life. 


• Virtually instant print production.

•  Flexibility in material choices that can impact the look, feel, durability and budget for each project.

•  Minimal set up costs for short runs when needed.

•  Variable imaging and direct target marketing for mail campaigns.

•  On-demand print when linked through a customized store front.

• Ideal for prototyping and proofing scale models.

Common Uses

Business cards, brochures, menus, tent cards, wobblers, posters, catalogues, direct mail, post cards, envelopes, stationary, coupons, sell sheets, labels and signage.

C-West Magazine
Tabletop Display


If you are going to print at high speeds and at large sizes you need to be able to cut and finish at high speeds and with large sizes. Anvy maintains a full compliment of finishing equipment and services in-house to help take printed material and convert it to finished products. Whether that involves, scoring, folding, laminating, taping, cutting to shape, sewing, stitching, padding binding, grommets, easels or any type of assembly we can do it. Our equipment is one part but reliable and experienced staff are always a key component for getting printed material finished precisely to the final product that is needed. 

•  High speed CNC cutting tables to handle up to 10 foot wide materials

•  Experienced staff for managing large and complex finishing designs

•  Automated, taping, scoring, folding, heat welding, perforating and laminating equipment.

•  Painting, flame polishing, heat bending and unique finishing techniques for acrylics and interior décor materials.

•  Finishing is part of every product that Anvy provides and is critical component to ensure finished products match the customer’s original idea! 

Finishing 1
Flame Polish - 1