A non-magnetic metal used primarily for outdoor signage for its durability against variable weather conditions and can be used for any extraordinary displays.


Aluminum print is a modern art piece made of the sleek aluminum panel and its comprised of 2 pre-painted aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core in middle in fact it is the flattest and most deluxe panel on the market for printing.


  • High Gloss and Matte Finishes.
  • Scratch and Abrasion Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Water Resistant: Suitable for Long-Term Outdoor Display​​​
  • Superior Flame Spread Rating for Public Buildings
  • Ready and easy to hang, lightweight
  • Using Dibond outdoor signage is weatherproof with a high tolerance for cold and hot weather temperatures extremes and heavy precipitation.
  • Can be printed one-sided and two-sided.


Max Size 48″x96″
Colour White, Black, Brushed Metallic(Silver & Gold)
Thickness 3mm
Shape Contour Cut Yes
Lamination Options (White Only) Gloss, Matte, Dry Erasable, Floor Guard, UV Liquid
Display Options Double-sided Tape, Batten Mount 1/2″, Keyhole Mount
Other Horizontal Grain Print



  • You can get or choose any size and shape you want
  • You can choose the finishes you want. Contact us
  • Can be printed and custom cut in all sizes.


White Dibond

Dibond has been the industry’s leading aluminum composite material for over a decade.

Brush Dibond | Metallic 3mm

Your print on brushed aluminum will take on a life of its own, with extremely vivid colors with rich contrast.

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