Backlit Banner 15oz

  • Long term outdoor
  • High-Res Backlit Print
  • Optional Night and Day Print Method

Light up your brand with our Backlit Banners 15oz

Vivid Color Display
Our Backlit Banners material is designed to allow light to pass through, showcasing vibrant display colors that stand out. This feature enhances the overall visual appeal and ensures that your message or graphics are vividly presented.

Versatile Display
Our Backlit Banners are ideal for a variety of applications, including lightboxes, signs, and displays, making it a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. Its ability to enhance visual impact and message clarity makes it a valuable asset for advertising and promotional purposes.

High Durability
Crafted with durability in mind, our Backlit Banners are built to withstand the rigors of handling and exposure to environmental elements. This ensures that your banner maintains its visual appeal over time.

Size, materials, finishing – anything you look for is here.

Backlit Vinyl 15oz
Our Backlit Vinyl 15oz material is made from PVC, making it durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. It is designed to produce accurate and vivid images, ensuring high-quality output and transparent enough to let the light through but not cloud the graphics.

Print Method

  • HighRes Backlit Print: This printing method is optimized for backlit displays, ensuring that your graphics look sharp and vibrant even in illuminated settings. It’s ideal for applications where your signage needs to stand out in environments with varying lighting conditions
  • Day and Night 4C Print: This print method allows you to showcase your graphics in both day and night settings, thanks to its ability to maintain clarity and color vibrancy under different lighting conditions

Optional Hem & Grommet
Adding a hem and grommet to your abnner provides extra durability and convenience for installation. The hem reinforces the edges of the vinyl, preventing fraying and ensuring a longer lifespan. Grommets are placed along the edges, allowing for easy hanging or attachment to structures, making your banner versatile and easy to display in various locations.

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