Car Magnets

  • Made from Magnet 030
  • Custom shape and size
  • Protected with Gloss Laminate

Get more attention on the road with our Car Magnets

Give your vehicle a personality and leave impressions on the go when using our Car Magnets.

Our magnets stay strong under all sort of weathers encountered when you are driving.

Effective Marketing 
Capturing attentions from pedestrians and other drivers are the inevitable when using our Car Magnets, making it an ideal marketing solution for your business

Custom Size & Shape
Make sure that your ideas and messages are stood out on the car, that’s why we offer custom size and shape to make sure that no ideas are missed out on us.

Size, materials, finishing – anything you look for is here.

Our car magnets are made with Magnet 030, a 30 mil (0.03 inch) thick flexible magnetic material that easily conforms to curved surfaces.

Each car magnet is coated with Gloss Laminate – UV 2.4 mil, providing a premium glossy finish and protection against the elements.


  • Weekly Maintenance: Remove and clean both the vehicle surface and the magnetic sign weekly to prevent magnetic polarization.
  • After Weather Events: Always remove, inspect, and clean the magnetic sign after significant rain or snowfall. Ensure both the sign and vehicle surface are completely dry before reapplying.
  • Proper Handling: Avoid dragging the magnet across the car surface. To reposition, pull back from a corner to protect the vehicle’s finish.
  • Surface Application: Do not apply magnets over rust, trim, deep curves, or vinyl wraps as these create air gaps that reduce magnetic grip.
  • Avoid Trapped Particles: Ensure no water or grit is trapped between the magnet and the vehicle surface to prevent air gaps and potential damage to the vehicle’s finish.

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