Cardstock 12pt

  • Durability & stiffness
  • Professional & substantial look
  • Various lamination options

Get your prints done right with our Cardstock 12pt

Our 12pt cardstock is the perfect mix of sturdy and flexibility, it gives the prints a premium feel and looks . Great for all kinds of projects, it ensures your designs are vibrant and sharply printed.

Sturdy and Reliable
Strong enough to last, this cardstock can handle regular use without getting damaged.

Versatile Applications
Perfect for business cards, postcards, invitations, and more, this cardstock works well for any project.

High-Quality Finish
With a smooth surface that makes colors pop and details clear, your prints will always look their best.

Size, materials, finishing – anything you look for is here.

Cardstock 12pt comes in 0.012″, a thinnest cardstock option and the most cost effective for any projects.

Custom size
Our cardstock can be printed in any sizes for any projects scale, limiting the creativity is the last thing we want to give to our customers.

Give your prints a protective layer with our lamination options:

  • Anti Graffiti Laminate: Protects surfaces from graffiti, allowing easy cleaning without damage.
  • Cast Luster Laminate (3M-8519): Adds a subtle gloss finish with UV protection, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cast Matte Laminate (3M-8520): Provides a non-reflective finish, reducing glare and enhancing readability.
  • Dry Erase Laminate: Turns any surface into a dry erase board, perfect for writable and erasable use.
  • Floor Graphic Laminate: Durable and slip-resistant, perfect for floor graphics in high-traffic areas.
  • Gloss Laminate – HIGH GLOSS: Creates a shiny, reflective finish for vibrant and eye-catching visuals.
  • Gloss Laminate Standard: Offers a bright, glossy finish for a polished and professional look.
  • Matte Laminate – Anti Scratch: Protects surfaces with a scratch-resistant, non-glare finish.
  • Matte Laminate – UV Protect: Combines a matte finish with UV protection, ideal for preserving colors outdoors.
  • Premium 3M Floor Laminate: High-quality, durable laminate for long-lasting floor graphics.

Print side
Select whether you want your prints to be printed on one side or both sides. We offer different options to meet all of your requirements.

Custom cut shape
Get creative with your projects! Select Contour Cutsshape to customize the final shape of the prints, perfect for any creative events and projects.

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