Dibond Signs

The Dibond sign material is made of both aluminum and plastic sign material. Dibond has been the industry’s leading aluminum composite material for over a decade.


Dibond signs are very affordable aluminum and ideal for point of purchase displays, exhibits & kiosks, framing, interior & exterior signages, billboards, scoreboards, photo mounting, custom exhibit booths, murals, highway and traffic signage and more. You can have it printed with logos, or customized images or photos, or even personalize it for a neat gift.


  • High Gloss and Matte Finishes.
  • Scratch and Abrasion Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Water Resistant: Suitable for Long-Term Outdoor Display​​​
  • Superior Flame Spread Rating for Public Buildings
  • Ready and easy to hang, lightweight
  • Using Dibond outdoor signage is weatherproof with a high tolerance for cold and hot weather temperatures extremes and heavy precipitation.
  • Can be printed one-sided and two-sided.


Max Size 48″x96″
Colour White, Black, Brushed Metallic(Silver & Gold)
Thickness 3mm
Shape Contour Cut Yes
Lamination Options (White Only)  Gloss, Matte, Dry Erasable, Floor Guard, UV Liquid
Display Options Double-sided Tape, Batten Mount 1/2″, Keyhole Mount
Other Horizontal Grain Print



  • You can get or choose any size and shape you want
  • You can choose the finishes you want. Contact us
  • Can be printed and custom cut in all sizes.


White Dibond

Dibond has been the industry’s leading aluminum composite material for over a decade.

Brush Dibond | Metallic 3mm

Your print on brushed aluminum will take on a life of its own, with extremely vivid colors with rich contrast.

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