Foam Core

This is for indoor use only but can repel water better than unprinted cardboard.

Foam Core | Custom Signage and Printing

The clay coated liners cover a non memory foam core that stays crimped when pressure is applied making it ideal for embossing. Foam Core Board can be used as a backing or converted into appealing and unique displays for your business. This is for indoor use only but can repel water better than unprinted cardboard. This has excellent strength and is not as prone to warping as cardboard, although it can warp if not cared for properly. We provide optional lamination for longer term use.


Max Size 48″x96″
Double Sided Printing Yes
Colour White, Black
Thickness white (4mm), white(12mm), black (4mm) & black (12mm)
Shape Contour Cut Not applicable
Lamination Options Gloss, Matte, Dry Erasable, Floor Guard,
Display Options Double-sided Tape, Easel Back (10″, 16″, 20″), Grommets


All decals are made to order, you can place a quote to our representatives. You can pick the design you want from color, shape and size.


  • File format should be High Resolution. Check our file format guide.
  • Duplicate your files before you flatten the layers to ensure you can go back and edit
  • Some files require a bleed. Remember to check on the product
  • Ensure all files are properly named along with company’s name
  • When possible supply pantone colour numbers
  • Include all fonts used in your file, or convert to outlines or curves.

If you need additional help with the design and layout of your graphics, get in touch to our CSR team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.Contact us