Static Cling

It is an excellent temporary solution for window decals.  Static clings are designed for indoor use in retail, office and event settings or much more..


Static cling vinyl is infused with static electricity so the vinyl can “cling” to a smooth surface. It leaves no residue, and is removable and reusable on any non-porous surface such as glass and metal surfaces.


  • Available in high-tack or low-tack removable vinyl’s
  • Sized to fit your space
  • Printed images or contour cut lettering and designs available
  • Made from durable vinyl
  • Indoor and outdoor material options


Max Size 52″ roll height
Shape Contour Cut Yes
Removable & Reusable Yes
Color White & Clear
Double-sided Print Clear cling only – with another layer of white & color


  • You can get or choose any size and shape you want
  • You can choose the finishes you want. Contact us
  • Can be printed and custom cut in all sizes.

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 It leaves no residue

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Removable and Reusable



  • File format should be High Resolution. Check our file format guide.
  • Duplicate your files before you flatten the layers to ensure you can go back and edit
  • Some files require a bleed. Remember to check on the product
  • Ensure all files are properly named along with company’s name
  • When possible supply pantone colour numbers
  • Include all fonts used in your file, or convert to outlines or curves.

If you need additional help with the design and layout of your graphics, get in touch to our CSR team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.Contact us